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Rituals: Freedom of Expression to target + fight lines

BY Surbhee | PUBLISHED ON November 10, 2020

“To feel, is to be alive. To express those feelings, is to be true.”

In my family, emotions were usually expressed (loud and clear). It might have involved breaking a few household items, but also many hugs and kisses (pre-COVID, of course!). My mother’s laughter could be heard a mile away, and equally so, when my grandma was upset, there was no mystery to it- her 9 children and 20+ grandchildren knew the warning signs well, and thought it best to stay out of her way.

Which is why we developed our Freedom of Expression Dual Purpose Line Limiter. Because fear of “expression lines”, should not come in the way of your laughter, or pout, or frown or however it is that you’d like to convey your feelings.

My Focused & Targeted Care: Freedom of Expression Dual Purpose Line Limiter

After my Amrutini routine, I squeeze a teeny tiny amount of the Line Limiter and use the metal applicator to massage the product on to a stubborn vertical forehead crease. I have a tendency to frown when I’m focused/ thinking/ studying/ working, so that line appeared pretty much by the time I touched 30. I then dab it on my laugh lines, and around the lips. It’s the last skincare product I use (but it would go under make-up, if I decide to wear any), as it’s a pretty dense concentrate. The light notes of rose petals and shimmering pink hues help make the application a quick moment of happiness.

Why do I love it so much? Because it works in two ways. First, it blurs facial lines as it melts seamlessly into the skin, instantly giving the lips and face a softer and smoother appearance. And second, over time, it helps bolster areas where skin is thinning/ losing volume as it helps plump and heal these particularly fragile areas where fissures appear (above the lip, around the mouth and on the forehead). But mostly, because I don’t want to have to think twice before expressing what I feel.



Freedom of Expression

Dual-Purpose Line Limiter

$88 • 15 ml

This vegan Dual-Purpose Line Limiter targets, blurs, and gently smoothes expression lines and creases. It is composed of a heady mix of indulgent botanical extracts like Hibiscus and Kokum, as well as precisely constructed synthetic ingredients, like an award-winning vegan collagen, which come together to infuse skin with a plumped, youthful glow.

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