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Rituals: Velvet :08 to Reset + Brighten

BY Surbhee | PUBLISHED ON November 10, 2020

“In the beginning, anything is possible”

Should I, shouldn’t I? A question that haunts everyone contemplating change. In answering, I’ve found it best to ask myself a slightly different question: “If I didn’t, would I regret it?” That’s my litmus test – and if the answer is yes, it’s time to take the plunge. For any explorer, who has packed his/ her bags in search of change and new adventures, the tingling excitement associated with the “start” is quite familiar. It’s the time you shed the baggage of the past, hit re-fresh and pick up a pen to write a bold new chapter.

And what better way to celebrate the magic of a new beginning than with our Velvet :08 Broadway Bright – an eight minute detox mask to reset your skin before you start on that new journey.

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My Weekly Re-Fresh - Velvet :08 Broadway Bright

After a week in my world (which is usually pretty chaotic), my skin longs for a refresh. Exposure to blue light, pollution, sun and the fast-paced, stressful lives we lead means our skin is constantly under assault – even in its most passive state. That’s why, once a week, I slather my face with this chocolate-brown-with-a-hint-of-shimmering-red, mousse-like mask that smells like a fragrant jungle. Unlike most detox masks that dry up, this stays soft and velvety which is why you need to wipe it off with a wet towel / cotton pad. As for me, with my short-cuts, I prefer to do my velvety masking 8-10 minutes before a shower so I can eliminate the wipe-with-wet-towel step (simplify, simplify!).

What I love about this product is its gorgeous texture and that it doesn’t dry, or stretch out the skin like some mud and purifying masks tend to do. And for those with “peach fuzz”, it also contains thanaka wood from Myanmar, along with several other precious ingredients known to reduce the re-growth of facial hair.

So, all-in-all, my weekly ritual involves this mask, followed by a warm bath, and ending with our daily Amrutini routine to leave my skin bright, revived and ready to face any new adventure.



Velvet :08 Broadway Bright

Detox Mask

$58 • 50 ml

For instantly luminous skin that’s smooth as velvet, this vegan, 8-minute polish will get you ready for those pulsating Manhattan nights. A potpourri of incredible Eastern botanicals (like Thanaka bark and flame red Palash flower) and powerful lab-designed synthetics (like Hydrolyzed Cellulose), work in harmony to reveal your skins’ inherent shine.

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