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Why you should choose clean, botanically- and lab-derived skincare products

BY Love, Indus | PUBLISHED ON November 10, 2020

An exploration of clean, precious botanicals and lab designed synthetics, their benefits and how our brand’s ethos is rooted in both.

The need for clean, consciously created beauty products is more relevant than ever right now. Consumers are more sophisticated than in the past—from ensuring that ingredients are ethically-sourced to knowing where products are formulated—and are invested in understanding the entire process. Gone are the days of brands generalizing terms and using fluffy adjectives to sell. People read ingredient labels, understand what their skin needs and demand clean, science-backed ingredients when making a purchase. But even in 2020, with an educated market, a few questions still seem to be unanswered: What are the differences in formulations and can they all be clean? Are man-made ingredients as potent as their natural counterparts?

Because there are many terms floating around the beauty industry, deciphering the difference between organic versus clean, and natural versus synthetic beauty products can seem complicated. Unlike organic skincare, which is generally defined as a product made of ingredients from an organic farm which haven’t been sprayed with any manmade chemicals, the term “clean”—which stems from transparent ingredient labels and non-toxic ingredients—means that products are created mindfully, with a focus on our bodies and the planet, irrespective of whether ingredients are natural or manmade. Importantly, a product with lab-designed ingredients can be made using a clean and sustainable process, and be good for the body. Contrary to organic food, which is generally considered to be better for you, organic skincare isn’t superior to, or more efficacious than, clean skincare. The definition of clean skincare offers a complete approach to conscious products from start (ethical farming) to finish (genuine labeling).


Now when it comes to natural or synthetic ingredients and formulations, there are three main types. Naturally-occurring is a natural ingredient delivered in its natural form, and is the opposite of a lab-made ingredient, which is a scientifically-developed ingredient formulated in a lab. A lab-made ingredient may mimic a natural ingredient and offer similar benefits, but is man-made. An example of this would be hyaluronic acid. Then you have a hybrid of the two: naturally-derived or also known as botanically-derived. This means that ingredients are derived from nature but have been changed in a lab so that they are no longer in their natural state (for several reasons – such as to make the botanical or mineral more stable, to enhance its concentration/ efficacy etc.)

This is where we come in and use a unique fusion of plant extracts, lab-enhanced plant extracts and lab-made ingredients to create the safest and most powerful formulas. Our products use the best of both worlds, figuratively and literally—naturally-derived precious extracts from remote parts of the East, developed using cutting-edge technology in the West, with clean synthetics that purposefully complement them. Our products have been sourced consciously and are developed using stringent clean beauty standards. In addition, we’ve vetted all ingredients against EWG’s Skin Deep database and we’ve also conducted extensive testing, including Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) with human volunteers to ensure our products work even on the most sensitive skin.

When choosing a brand or product, focusing on natural or synthetic ingredients should be a secondary priority. Do your research and ensure that the brand uses ethically sourced clean ingredients (be it natural or synthetic) - while adhering to uncompromised standards for performance. Remember, with brand-awareness and research, finding clean, conscious skincare and wellness offerings does not have to be complicated.



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