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Potent Formulations. Precious Ingredients.


Nature’s superfood, Kokum has intense skin regenerative properties.

Hibiscus Extract

Fragrant in form, hibiscus extract helps re-densify the dermis

Lotus Flower Extract

The sacred lotus contains proteins that help keep the skin firm and tight.


Native throughout the tropics, the herbaceous Senna, with a similar structure to Hyaluronic Acid, has the power to restore collagen and provide intense hydration.


A staple of Indian households, the rich mustard extract is an anti-aging elixir.


The potent fruit acts as an antioxidant and provides natural skin brightening properties.

Vegan Collagen

An award-winning, 100% animal-free clean collagen made through a sustainable fermentation process, for pure, unparalleled skincare performance and enhanced elasticity.

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Customer Reviews

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No artificial color
Honest Truths

These products DO NOT contain any artificial color or fragrance. The color of the high-concentration, active ingredients in these formulations may shift a few shades over time, or vary slightly from one unit to another. We deliberately chose not to mask these shifts with unwanted synthetic colors or artificial fragrances. These changes/variations in color and fragrance levels, do not, in any way, indicate a change in efficacy. Store in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight.

Clean, Conscious Beauty

Vegan and Toxic Free*

Free from artificial fragrance, artificial color, parabens, phthalates, sulfates & formaldehyde. Dermatologist & allergy tested. Not tested on animals

*As per the California Toxic-free Cosmetics Act.


Journey through the regions

Journey along India’s Konkan coast with its picturesque landscapes – let your toes dig into the sand, gaze at the skies dotted with Kokum trees, and let the light breeze from the tropical backwaters lull you into a state of relaxation. A celebration of nature in all its glory and skin in all its splendor.

Uncover the Collection and its Regions

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

I wasn't expecting the red color of the product that does leave behind a tint and I'm not sure I see much difference in my lip lines when using this product. I'm not a fan yet.

Michelle OConnor
Very happy with customer service.

When I received my order, I was taken aback at the color as I assumed it would be clear.. I immediately wrote that I wanted to return the product. The owner reached out to me to explain why there is a color to the product. I am going to keep and try the product because I like the company and how helpful and nice and that does make all the difference.

Love it

It has really worked for me. I lost weight and had a lot of wrinkles as a result. Freedom of Expression smoothes out my forehead, eye area, and upper lip quickly.

Fine Lines Saviour

It has decreased the length of my lines within 4 weeks of use.


I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I love how it works like a primer and a line treatment - both at once.