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"It's all in the first touch. Of brush to canvas, of ink to paper, of hands to skin. Love, Indus is all that and more."

pronounced luhv | 'in-dəs |

Sign Off Bg
Sign off white line

Love, Indus is a sign-off to letters written with intention.

Letters of the past, that treasure ancient tradition.

Letters of the present, that celebrate a new contemporary.

Letters of the future, that unlock new possibilities.

A story penned by us to you that journeys through time and explores the depths of our two homes - India and New York.

Our journey begins on one of nature’s most storied waterways – the Indus river. From the Eastern lands it flows serenely through, to ever-restless New York City, Love, Indus is a fusion of ideas that represents the best of both. We’ve brought the two together to create something transformative, powerful and potent, just for you.

Sign off letter bg

Love, Indus is incomplete without its integral and powerful comma.

A soft pause. A quick escape.

A symbol of continuity. An indicator of flow.

An upside-down drop. Something of nature.

A celebration of diversity. A confluence of cultures.

Above all, Love, Indus is a letter that can be read and re-read, and an invitation for you to write and re-write your story.

It's all in the name.

At the heart of it all, we’re about meaning. On the surface, the Love, Indus heart appears raw, unfinished and in the making. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Pair Left
Pair Right

Just like yours, ours is full of life, movement, and complexity. Look closer and you see the heart is always shining and shimmering - brought to life by the structured, yet fluid, shapes and layers that inspire you to see it anew every time you return to it. As these shapes come together within the heart, they harmoniously adapt, cohesively merge, and dynamically evolve - to create something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

It is a symbol of the infinite possibilities, discoveries, stories and creations that have come together to create Love, Indus.

Blue Border

Our colors give life to the Love, Indus story.

(Ink) Indigo, is as personal as it is powerful, as beautiful as it is bold, and as contemporary as it is ancient.

Indigo, the color, got its name from the Greek term meaning “from India” and shows how representative the shade was of the region.

Blue Border Bottom

This deep, dark shade of blue is the oldest natural dye known to mankind, and for much of human history, this luxurious shade has been elusive and hard to replicate. Over time, the color has come to be ubiquitous in traditional handlooms and handicrafts in India.

The color also invokes the written word, taking you back to the brand’s sign-off. It is a celebration of ink-stained fingertips, and the personal discoveries and rediscoveries that underscore our journey.

On the other hand, Grey is as cool as it is conservative, as strong as it is sophisticated, and as bold as it is balanced.

All colors, when blended together, arrive at Grey: a shade that’s not as simple as black and white, yet beautiful in dark or light. Dress it up a bit, and it shines silver. It captivates with its understated complexity, and when pushed to the edge, transforms into something extraordinary and mysterious - just like the complex formulations from Love, Indus.


In a world that sometimes seems polarized, we celebrate the nuances – our perfect imperfections...our shades of grey.

Look through the Love, Indus lens and you will see a story that defines the brand.

Picture New York from a multitude of perspectives, each symbolic of a different purpose; be it the city’s architectural marvels that represent strength or its free-spirited nature that is all-accepting. Piece it together and you will uncover the magic of what’s to come for your skin – from protein-rich formulae that build skin strength to healing potions that help you face it all.


What completes the canvas are artistic images and intricate illustrations that tell tales of the land beyond the Indus’ rich heritage, colorful essence and diverse cultures. From centuries-old Pantaut art (originating in Myanmar), with its finely curled leaves and buds, to the intricate weave of Assamese silk, let your skin soak in not just what’s in the jar, but also the heritage implicit in all that we offer.

Love, Indus.