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Strengthen • Repair • Plump

A high-performance skincare line with the ambition to strengthen, the Amrutini range includes our Precious Potion, Transforming Serum & Luminosity Dewdrops. Journey through India’s East with this protein-rich collection that celebrates the hills in its heart and paints a vibrant picture that brings joy and resilience.

kolkata stamp

With love from,

The Darjeeling Hills,

Bengal & Assam

Amrutitni Sign
Middle Hexagone

Wake up to the warmth of the Precious Potion Vital Cream just as you would to the gentle rays of a golden sun. Soak up the morning mist just as the leaves would with the Overnight Oasis Luminosity Dewdrops. Feel the cool, crisp winds brush past you, as the True Brew Transforming Serum caresses your skin.

True Water Cream

Symbols in this collection

Bottle Full

Dive into a vibrant color palette as you uncover the collection and its packaging which has hues of blue, hints of green and rays of mustard. Experience the diverse artistry of Bengal with nuances of Kantha designs against the backdrop of New York.

Allow it all to come together in a design as bespoke as the mosaic of your memories.