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Velvet :08

Deep Cleanse • Tighten • Deter "Peach Fuzz"

A transformative skincare line, that’s meant to light up your everyday, Velvet :08 is intensity in a jar. Inspired by the eponymous fabric long favored by royals for raiments that made a statement, Velvet :08 is your travel companion, taking you through Myanmar and India’s Northeast. Sacred whispers of the East fuel the fiery-bright shimmers of the West in this essential collection that lets you own your moment in the spotlight.

kolkata stamp

With love from,

Myanmar &

Northeast India

Velvet sign
Hexagone middle

Let the Broadway Bright Detox Mask power you through those pulsating Manhattan nights while satisfying your soul (and skin) with a cathartic cleanse.


Symbols in this collection


As you indulge in Velvet :08 from the first touch, let the symbols and colors on the outside lead the way to the incredible experience that awaits you on the inside. Raise the curtains to a collection painted in dramatic hues of rich brown, speckled with iridescent red.

It is time to step out and own the night, radiating brighter than many a Broadway light.