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Love, Indus - Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Product Philosophy

To learn more, please visit our Product Philosophy page.


Where are your products manufactured?

In the US - at an FDA-regulated and cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility specializing in skincare and personal care products.


How safe are your products?

Very. All our products have been through a rigorous process of testing (including for allergies, and on sensitive skin) and dermatologist approval (above and beyond anything the FDA requires).  We also tested on volunteers (humans, never on animals) and our products are free of artificial colors/ fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates & formaldehyde.  We’ve also spent quite a bit of time and effort in identifying and verifying safe and sustainable sources for our ingredients.


What does “clean beauty” mean?

To us, “clean beauty” means products made with ingredients that are widely considered to be safe for humans.  Our products use natural and synthetic ingredients that are known to be safe and non-toxic.


What does “conscious beauty” mean?

To us, it means making products in a way that allows us to sleep peacefully at night.  For example, we don’t use conflict minerals or any ingredients made with child labor or environmentally destructive practices in any of our products.  And we don’t test on animals.


Are your products Ayurveda based?

Ayurveda is an ancient alternative medicine system focused on holistic wellbeing.  There is some intersection between the ingredients and principles incorporated in our products and those supported by Ayurveda, but we are not focused on Ayurveda.  Our collections are inspired by rich regional rituals, ingredients and minerals from the Indian sub-continent that have been made more potent using the power and precision of technology. Unlike Ayurveda, where the elements and focus is on natural ingredients, we use precious botanicals as well as lab-designed clean synthetics – and incorporate the best of both to create highly efficacious and result-oriented, safe offerings.


What is Amrutini®?

Amrutini® is a protein-rich blend of ingredients focused on building skin strength.  Key ingredients include – Liquified Muga Silk, Vegan Ghee, Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) and Copper – all of which come together to create a rich elixir that helps strengthen your skin.  Refer to Our Collections for more information on Amrutini® and our other offerings.


Are your products vegan?

Depends on your definition of vegan.  Our Amrutini® range contains silk.  If you feel insect derived products, such as honey and silk, are vegan, then yes, our products are vegan.  If not, then our Amrutini® range is not vegan, but the Velvet :08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask and Freedom of Expression – Dual-Purpose Line Limiter are.

Where can I buy your products?

At this time, only on our website, loveindus.com. We are exploring specialty retail partners and if you have any ideas/favorite stores please e-mail us at info@loveindus.com


Does Love, Indus have a referral program?

Coming soon, but in the interim, please do spread the word – there is nothing that gives us more happiness than knowing you want to share the Love, Indus experience with your friends. 


Work at Love, Indus or partner with us

Please email info@loveindus.com to inquire about employment or partnership opportunities.


Affiliate Partners

Want to share Love, Indus products with others? We're always looking for new ambassadors to help spread the word about our potent potions. Please click here to apply for a spot in our Ambassador Program.

Shipping & Returns

Please refer to our Shipping and Returns policy.


What safety measures have you taken in light of the covid-19 pandemic?

All our partners have instituted stringent COVID protocols to minimize contact with the products and limit the spread of disease.  Our products are manufactured in an FDA regulated, cGMP-compliant facility with multiple microbiological controls throughout the process.  Safety is a priority and we are constantly monitoring our production to ensure safety at all times, and all touch-points.

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