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Est. 2020

Modern views. Ancient muse.

An Nyc edit, narrated in indus ink.


Spice up your cocktails with a bit of East & West

Cocktail recipes with a twist to warm up those cold holiday nights!

How To Read A Skincare Ingredient Label Like A Pro

How are you supposed to decipher a lengthy list of product ingredients? Some basic knowledge of key terms and rules will help you understand your skincare products better giving you a whole new perspective of your favorite brands.

Skin Strength - Why is it important?

What happens when the building blocks of your skin begin to grow weak? Read on to find out.

Skin & Stress - Understanding The Mind-Skin Link

Some simple suggestions to help deal with stress induced skin issues

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle: Men’s Edition

Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve the perfect balance between mental and physical health.

Skin Barrier: What Is It and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

A quick primer on your skin barrier and how to care for it.

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Every Love, Indus product is more than just the beautiful alchemy of ingredients - each jar also reveals a memory of my past and a vision for the future, all of which shapes what Love, Indus is today.