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Freedom of Expression

Dual Purpose Line Limiter


This vegan Dual-Purpose Line Limiter targets, blurs, and gently smoothes expression lines and creases. It is composed of a heady mix of indulgent botanical extracts like Hibiscus and Kokum, as well as precisely constructed synthetic ingredients, like an award-winning vegan collagen, which come together to infuse skin with a plumped, youthful glow.



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Lauren P.


I am a 53 year old woman with creases around my lips and forehead. I am in awe of how miraculously it instantly blurs my creases. Highly recommend.



So I’ve been using this for about 8-9 weeks - quite regularly at bedtime. Lines around my mouth have definitely softened. It’s quite thick - and I was a bit surprised by the tinted color but it doesn’t leave any color at all. Just need to make sure to use a small amount. I’m so pleased. It smells really pleasant too.



I was a bit hesitant at first because I might be too young to try this at the age of 33 but I was concerned about lines recently forming on my face. I'm super glad I got this line limiter - it is working wonders on my skin! Fine lines and creases  have disappeared significantly after a month's use. I would definitely recommend trying this product.



I think I just found a magic eraser for my smile lines. I have been using Freedom of Expression Line Limiter for a while now and I am genuinely surprised to see how much it has helped my smile lines. I seriously love this stuff