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Read my lips – make time for this expressive part of your face

BY Love, Indus | PUBLISHED ON August 17, 2021


Without them, there would be no kisses. Or smiles. Or pouts. No expression of love, nor peace. They hold our words and inspire poetry. They are one of the most sensitive and fragile areas of our face, and possibly the most expressive. Yet caring for them is often relegated to a back burner. While we spend billions of dollars adorning our lips with every shade, we do not do enough to protect and care for this canvas. Even today, caring for lips is usually synonymous with chap-sticks and balms but that is not necessarily adequate, and here’s 5 few reasons why.

  • As we age, our body produces less collagen (the protein in our body that acts as an essential connective tissue). As the rate of production of this critical protein slows down, it not only impacts the shape, but also the volume of the lips – causing them to thin.
  • In addition, vertical lines (lip lines or lip wrinkles) start to develop over the upper lip. These are more pronounced in those with any history of smoking (so if anyone ever needed yet another reason to quit smoking – let this be it), but will start to develop even if one had always stayed away from this vice.
  • The skin on the lips is thinner than anywhere else on our body – and consists of 3-5 cellular layers instead of up to 16 layers elsewhere.
  • Absence of sebaceous or sweat/ oil glands on the lips implies they do not produce any hydrolipidic film that helps create a protective barrier for skin and keeps them hydrated. This is one of the reasons why our lips are often more easily starved of moisture than other areas of the face and body.
  • Our lips produce very small amounts of melanin – making them more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and sun damage
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Armed with all this knowledge about why we should take care of them, it’s only fair that we share a few tips on how you could show some love for your (luscious) lips:

  • Pamper your lips, but do not forget to pamper the outline that gives them their beautiful shape – since it is that area that’s most susceptible to wrinkles
  • Hydration, moisture is necessary – but not sufficient. Lip care regimens should involve products packed with actives that will address not just hydration but also replenishment, healing and stimulate collagen production
  • Use an applicator for precise/ non-messy application, and preferably a metal tip to help stimulate blood flow and help the product absorb better
  • Extend sun-care to the lips – and reapply if you’re in the sun or water for extended periods of time
  • Exfoliate – gently, and regularly. And follow up immediately with a nourishing, replenishing treatment/ lip serum.

While hydration / sun care for the lips can be found easily, when it comes to fine lines and wrinkles around your lips and mouth, or healing of your lips, your options are surprisingly limited and somewhat intrusive (go ahead… google it). And that’s exactly why we developed our Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter – a nourishing, yet powerful way to care for lines in especially fragile areas that need, and deserve, TLC. 



Freedom of Expression

Dual-Purpose Line Limiter

$88 • 15 ml

This vegan Dual-Purpose Line Limiter targets, blurs, and gently smoothes expression lines and creases. It is composed of a heady mix of indulgent botanical extracts like Hibiscus and Kokum, as well as precisely constructed synthetic ingredients, like an award-winning vegan collagen, which come together to infuse skin with a plumped, youthful glow.

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