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Rituals: Amrutini to Strengthen + Heal

BY Surbhee | PUBLISHED ON November 10, 2020

“I must be strong.”

I grew up in a middle-class family in India, with fiery ambitions to shape my environment, fight biases, drive my own narrative, conquer the demons of doubt, learn new lessons, and travel far and wide to find what I was looking for. This journey of discovery has been immensely rewarding, but has not been easy. Constantly working at building my inherent strength was, therefore, always a core belief.

And that belief helps explain why the Amrutini collection, with its focus on enhancing skin strength, elasticity and resilience, is so important to me.

My Daily Essentials Routine - Amrutini True Brew Serum + Precious Potion

My skin is dry, and thin – this means I burn or bruise easily (so yes, I am that weirdo that packs a parasol on every vacation). Damage from my surroundings whether it be sun or blue light is quick and deep, and any cuts or wounds take a while to heal. So, every day, after I shower, I swipe my face with a few drops of rose water (I always have a bottle in the fridge). I then pat 2-3 pumps of the Amrutini True Brew serum on to my freshly washed / cleansed face. What I love about it? Its lush and indulgent texture sinks deep into the skin – and absorbs almost instantly, leaving no residue. In other words, I get all the benefits of this concentrated, multi-active brew, with none of the tackiness that’s sometimes associated with such rich textures.

I follow this up with a pea-sized drop of the luxurious, protein-rich Precious Potion, massaging it in gently with a few upward circular strokes on my face and neck (dabbing leftover product on the back of my hands), and feel my skin lap up its goodness. I allow myself a tiny moment of indulgence as the faint whiff of tuberose (rajnigandha) transports me back to my childhood in Kolkata. This is a twice a day practice that provides pure comfort. I know, in indulging in this daily ritual (post shower, and before bed), that I’m doing right – by my skin, and my senses.

PS: I don’t head out without sunscreen – that’s just asking for trouble (in the short & long term). And on bright days – a large hat, and maybe even a scarf. Also, I prefer to let my skin breathe, so unless the occasion calls for make-up, The Line Limiter, followed by a blush and a tinted lip-balm rounds out the routine. 3 minutes, tops!

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Blog Detail img

My Weekly TLC - Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops Serum + Copper Crusted Cocoons

Even with a disciplined routine, life frequently throws a curveball that requires you to seriously amp up your game on self-care. My routines have to be fuss-free and simple, yet should be result oriented which is why we developed our Luminosity Dewdrops Serum, a formula that took over 4 years to create and perfect.

Call it a “pick-me-up” or “booster”, “elixir” or “BFF” – all are perfectly acceptable and appropriate. This product is a part of my nightly routine at least 2-3 times a week, and if my skin is extra-parched, I might even slather it on every day of the week. Two full drops is all it takes – it glides on beautifully, on the face and neck and I can feel the difference when I wake up – like a kiss of intense hydration that banishes dullness, and leaves the skin soft and supple.

My favorite thing about this product is that it is the gentlest form of pampering (who doesn’t need a bit of stress relief?) – so you can indulge in its use every day or whenever your skin needs some extra love (after an entire day in air-conditioning perhaps?). It is also extremely versatile – use it on its own or layer it with the Amrutini Precious Potion for the ultimate, overnight, no-fuss pampering.

Once a week, in the morning, I also exfoliate with the enclosed baby-blue, copper crusted silk cocoons. I wet one with water and rub the moistened cocoon all over my face, focusing on areas that need the most attention. It is the gentlest form of exfoliation. Even though I’ll admit that the smell of a wet silk cocoon isn’t exactly my favorite, it’s a small price to pay for effortless luminous skin.



Amrutini® Collection

The Collection

$285 • (Value $365)

The Amrutini® collection consists of:
1 X Precious Potion Vital Cream (50ml): A daily-use, soft moisturizer
1 X True Brew Transforming Serum (30 ml): A daily-use, silky nectar
1 X Luminosity Dewdrops Serum (30ml): An elixir that works while you sleep, to restore skin radiance and health.

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