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Your Guide to Caring for Sensitive Skin

Learn more about how to care for sensitive skin.

Does skin have a gender?

Should skincare be purchased based on your gender? Or does it depend more on your skin type and concern? To decode this, we find out the real differences between men and women’s skin, and what men should keep in mind when investing in skincare.

Should copper be a part of your skin care routine?

It’s no surprise that metals, which were once found in jewelry boxes, have taken over our vanities too—think 24K gold facial oils, diamond powder-infused highlighters and silver eye patches for brightening. While some have stellar antibacterial properties and others improve circulation and boost luminosity, there is one metal that demands more attention: Copper.

Why you should choose clean, botanically- and lab-derived skincare products

An exploration of clean, precious botanicals and lab designed synthetics, their benefits and how our brand’s ethos is rooted in both.

Skin Deep - Beginners Facial Massage

Life has a way of showing up on our skin and we need something to bring it back to a healthy balance. Like the muscles in other parts of your body, the ones in your face absorb and store a lot of stress and tension and unless you relax and strengthen them, they get stiff and look strained. Gentle facial massage can help renew the muscles and skin of your face.

Rituals: Freedom of Expression to target + fight lines

Fear of “expression lines”, should not come in the way of your laughter, or pout, or frown or however it is that you’d like to convey your feelings.

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Every Love, Indus product is more than just the beautiful alchemy of ingredients - each jar also reveals a memory of my past and a vision for the future, all of which shapes what Love, Indus is today.