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Est. 2020

Modern views. Ancient muse.

An Nyc edit, narrated in indus ink.


Skin Strength - Why is it important?

What happens when the building blocks of your skin begin to grow weak? Read on to find out.

Skin & Stress - Understanding The Mind-Skin Link

Some simple suggestions to help deal with stress induced skin issues

Skin Barrier: What Is It and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

A quick primer on your skin barrier and how to care for it.

Transitions - Coming Of Age As A Transgender Woman

There are a lot of narratives of the trans experience that have filtered into the public consciousness. Ashley's story is truly moving and inspiring!

Emerging Skincare Trends Of 2022

In the era of maskne and increasingly technical and complex beauty routines, here are a few trends set to dominate the beauty industry in 2022.

The Lost Art of Gifting and How To Do It Right

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And what brings more joy to someone than giving or receiving a well thought present? Gifting is an art in itself and a good one can get you on the recipient’s list of memorable “best gift’s ever”. So, how do you choose the perfect luxe festive gift without having to rely on Santa sliding down the chimney?

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Every Love, Indus product is more than just the beautiful alchemy of ingredients - each jar also reveals a memory of my past and a vision for the future, all of which shapes what Love, Indus is today.