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Taping Facial Wrinkles Is Trending—Should You Try It?

BY Love, Indus | PUBLISHED ON January 22, 2023

Determining whether the latest TikTok trend - taping facial wrinkles - is good for you

Wrinkles and fine lines become a concern for most of us soon after we turn 25. As skin starts thinning and becomes more fragile, we look for ways to reverse/slowdown the signs of aging. There’s plenty of anti-aging products and dramatic / viral skincare hacks out there. One such raging trend, courtesy TikTok, is taping of facial wrinkles. What is it? Does it work? And most importantly, is it safe?

It is exactly as it sounds – you tape your facial wrinkles with the idea that they will eventually smoothen out. But does it work? According to several viral videos, facial taping for wrinkles works. But experts have a lot more to say about the flip side of the coin - the dangers of the trend.

Does facial taping for wrinkles really work?

Facial wrinkles usually appear first on the forehead and around the eyes. The idea of facial taping for wrinkles is to use any type of adhesive tape on wrinkles overnight. The idea is that the tape stops muscles from moving while we sleep thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles. As per viral videos, this appears to work quite well. Many videos show facial wrinkles that have almost smoothened after a week of taping.

Side effects of facial taping for wrinkles

This unconventional hack may give the illusion of great/quick results, but in the long run, it can adversely affect your skin and actually accelerate signs of aging. As the skin strains under the tape, it causes exaggerated stretching, thereby inducing skin laxity which could lead to a lot more wrinkles and lines.

Moreover, some people, especially those with sensitive skin can have an adverse reaction to the strong chemicals in the adhesive. Typical reactions include irritation, redness, breakouts and inflammation especially if you use the tape for extended periods.

Another side effect is excess dryness and eventually dehydration that sets in from prolonged face taping. This, in turn, can lead to accelerated aging of your skin - the opposite of what you’re looking for.

Face taping
Love, Indus Amrutini Collection

Safer and healthier alternatives to face taping

Thankfully, there are more scientific, practical and safer approaches to reducing and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One option is high performance skincare products focused on improving skin strength as lines and wrinkles are clear signs of weakened skin.

Understanding the fundamental structure of your skin will also help you find the right product. Fine lines and wrinkles show up as the skin’s ability to produce collagen slows down. Cell turnover also slows down with age, contributing to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you can boost the strength, protein and collagen density of your skin, its youthfulness will revive and last longer.

Follow the basic clean/moisturize/protect routine but incorporate potent, formulated serums and elixirs that are designed to boost collagen production or have ingredients that are known to fade/fill fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Amrutini® Collection is designed specifically to strengthen skin. The collection comprises three products: a soft, daily use moisturizer, a silky-smooth serum and an intensely hydrating elixir. Together, they aim to strengthen, repair and illuminate the skin. Each product is perfected by blending rare and effective ingredients like liquified muga silk, vegan ghee, ashwagandha, copper and hyaluronic acid. This collection is suitable for all skin types and is best for thinning and fragile skin.

Our Freedom of Expression Dual-Purpose Line Limiter is another innovative, one-of-a kind product. It is precisely formulated for lip lines, laugh lines and facial creases and is packed with anti-aging ingredients like Kokum, Mulberry, and a bio-designed Vegan Collagen (among others) to keep the skin supple, smooth and crease-free.

Another method for preventing facial wrinkles is to perform various facial exercises on a daily basis. These movements increase blood circulation and strengthen the facial muscles. As a result, the skin remains plump and youthful for a longer period of time. Level up your skincare game by massaging the areas around the eyes, nose, and lips.

Lastly, your lifestyle choices also have an impact on your skin. Besides the right products, maintaining a balanced diet low in sugar and processed foods and getting sufficient sleep ensures your skin has the ability to repair and renew its cells overnight.

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